About us

Atesler Kavela has vast knowledge and experience in dowel manufacturing field. The company may be an example of entrepreneur power and determination to succeed. It has entrepreneurial and innovative structure. Ateshler Kavela has transformed from atelier into factory.  Its area is more then 2000 square meters and there is produced 1.000.000 pieces of dowels per day. Our factory produces dowels as well as Beech. Also we produce timber and draft. Forest products operations started in 1996-2005.  Today we sell our product to most of European countries improving the quality.
Focused on customer satisfaction we compete with the biggest manufacturers all over the world. ...
Following the technology in the field we operate in we carrier competitiveness with the most advanced technology. Ateshler Dowels aims to be the world known brand..

Quality standards

Technology,production ,AR-GE ATEŞLER Dowel products; we use latest technological machines, dry in the oven and reduce moisture content with no errors. Quality is the most important thing for Ateshler Dowels. .