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Ateşler Kavela was founded in 1996 as Ateşler Ağaç Torna by Kazım ATEŞ in the Ayancık district of Sinop and became a family company in 2005 as Ateşler Orman Ürünleri.

Our company has become an exemplary institution with its vast knowledge and experience in the field of dowel production, and with its entrepreneurial power and determination to succeed. Our company has become Turkey’s largest Dowel Manufacturer with its entrepreneurial and innovative structure and facility transformed from a workshop to a factory. Ateşler Kavela Forest Products Factory, which prioritizes quality and customer rights and has become one of the largest manufacturers with on-time delivery; It is located in a 2000 m2 closed area and 1500 m2 open area. It has a daily production capacity of 4,000,000 wooden dowel pins.

In addition to the production of dowel pins, our factory also produces wooden dowel rods, sticks and beech wood products.

As of today, it exports its products to more than 20 countries and increases the visibility of its quality and brand day by day. Aiming to constantly increase productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and employee happiness in production, it continues its path with its contribution to the Turkish economy and sustainable success.  Please click for the details.

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since 1996


FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), which was established in 1990 in California by forest product producers, distributors, users, and non-governmental organizations working on the environment and human rights, for responsible and sustainable forest management.

· It is a system of stakeholders that aims to manage all forests in the world in the most appropriate way and to disseminate these practices internationally. ·

International standards have been determined to achieve this goal. Different institutions are authorized to issue certificates of compliance with the specified standards.

· Products obtained through correct forest management around the world are recognized with the FSC® logo. FSC® serves to disseminate good forest management practices through marketing programs and information services.


Technology, Production, R&D:
Ateşler Kavela products are dried in the oven with the latest technological machines, the moisture content is reduced to 8% – 10%, passed through the Optical scanning system and offered to customers with zero error. Production is made with first-class beech from Turkey’s most exclusive FSC forests.


4.000.000 PCS

Daily Wooden Dowel Pins

50.000 Meter

Daily Wooden Dowel Rods

720.000 Ton

Annual Production

export more than 20 countries

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    • Beşiktaş Mahallesi, Defne Caddesi, No: 34
      P.K. 57400, Ayancık, Sinop / TÜRKİYE
      +90 368 613 43 88